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The sub travel bag product category page has been created to help you find plain bulk travel where your logo can be added as well as established printed bags for travelling where your logo can also make an appearance. All our printed bags for travelling are brandable and many items can be customised to match your specific branding colours. This is not a complete list, so if you don’t see the specific travel bag you require then please ask our team to do a wider search from our network of suppliers. If our standard products don’t meet your specification and you have the budget, we can custom source printed bags for travelling to meet your specific requirements. We look forward to helping you. Remember, if we don’t have it we’ll find it and if we can’t find it we’ll make it!
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Camper 10 Litre Waterproof Bag PFC

Camper 10 Litre Waterproof Bag PFC

From: £7.81 £3.64 ex. VAT -53%
Capitol Duffel Bag 35L PFC

Capitol Duffel Bag 35L PFC

From: £22.55 ex. VAT
Classic Duffel Bag 37L PFC

Classic Duffel Bag 37L PFC

From: £26.88 ex. VAT
Cochichuate Cotton Barrel Duffel Bag 25L PFC

Cochichuate Cotton Barrel Duffel Bag 25L PFC

From: £7.58 ex. VAT

Felta GRS Recycled Felt Foldable Car Organiser PFC

From: £11.58 ex. VAT

Goa Jute Sailor Duffel Bag 16L PFC

From: £5.38 ex. VAT
Hoss Toiletry Pouch PFC

Hoss Toiletry Pouch PFC

From: £2.69 ex. VAT
Idaho RPET Sailor Duffel Bag 35L PFC

Idaho RPET Sailor Duffel Bag 35L PFC

From: £9.87 ex. VAT
Journey GRS RPET Waist Bag PFC

Journey GRS RPET Waist Bag PFC

From: £4.49 ex. VAT
Magclick Phone Wallet PFC

Magclick Phone Wallet PFC

From: £4.53 £1.76 ex. VAT -61%
Oxford Weekend Travel Duffel Bag 25L PFC

Oxford Weekend Travel Duffel Bag 25L PFC

From: £35.22 ex. VAT
REPREVE® Our Ocean™ GRS RPET Duffel Bag 35L PFC

REPREVE® Our Ocean™ GRS RPET Duffel Bag 35L PFC

From: £29.68 ex. VAT

Ross GRS RPET Toiletry Bag 1.5L PFC

From: £2.45 ex. VAT

Printed Bags for Travelling: Enhancing Your Branding and Marketing Projects

The Perfect Travel Companion: Printed Bags for Travelling

Are you looking for a practical yet effective way to promote your brand? Look no further than printed bags for travelling! At Qtable, we understand the importance of powerful branding and marketing strategies for businesses, corporates, bands, groups, charities, schools, and more. Printed bags for travelling not only serve as functional accessories but also offer extensive branding and promotional opportunities.

Advantages of Printed Bags for Travelling

When it comes to promoting your brand, printed bags for travelling have a multitude of advantages. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Brand Exposure: With printed bags, your brand message becomes a moving advertisement. As users travel with these bags, your logo, slogan, or message will be prominently displayed, catching the attention of potential customers and increasing brand awareness.

2. Targeted Marketing: By distributing printed bags to your target audience at trade shows, conferences, or corporate events, you can effectively reach potential customers and clients. These bags act as a tangible reminder of your brand, keeping you top of mind.

3. Brand Reputation: Offering high-quality printed bags showcases your brand’s attention to detail and professionalism. Customers and clients perceive your brand as trustworthy and reliable, enhancing your reputation in the market.

4. Eco-Friendly Image: Opting for eco-friendly materials, such as recycled or organic fabrics, demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. This resonates with environmentally conscious customers and aligns your brand with their values.

5. Practicality and Versatility: Printed bags for travelling serve a practical purpose for users, making them more likely to use and retain them. This leads to increased visibility and extended exposure for your brand as users integrate these bags into their daily lives.

Exploring Colours and Materials

When choosing printed bags for travelling, it’s important to consider the colours and materials that align with your brand identity. With a wide array of colours available, from vibrant and eye-catching shades to more subtle and elegant tones, you can select the ones that best represent your brand.

Materials such as canvas, polyester, and nylon each have their own unique qualities. Canvas bags offer a classic and timeless look, while polyester and nylon provide excellent durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance. Understanding the characteristics of each material will help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Types and Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit

Printed bags for travelling come in various types and styles, catering to different preferences and purposes. Let’s explore some popular options:

1. Backpacks: Backpacks are the go-to choice for hands-free travel. They provide ample storage space and comfortable wearability, making them perfect for students, commuters, and frequent travellers.

2. Tote Bags: Tote bags offer a spacious and versatile option, suitable for various uses. With their large capacity and sturdy handles, they are ideal for shopping, beach trips, and carrying everyday essentials.

3. Duffel Bags: Duffel bags are known for their roomy interiors and easy access. They are well-suited for weekend getaways, sports activities, and other travel needs that require carrying bulkier items.

4. Rolling Bags: Rolling bags are designed with wheels and retractable handles, providing convenience and mobility. They are particularly useful for those who frequently travel with heavier items, reducing the strain on the user.

Various Applications of Printed Bags for Travelling

The versatility of printed bags for travelling extends to various industries and settings. Let’s explore some common applications:

1. Trade Shows and Conferences: Distributing branded bags to attendees at trade shows and conferences is an effective way to showcase your brand while providing a practical accessory for carrying event


2. Corporate Gifting: Impress clients, partners, and employees with custom-printed bags as a thoughtful gesture that reinforces brand loyalty and shows appreciation.

3. Retail and E-commerce: Utilize printed bags as packaging for purchases, elevating the unboxing experience for customers. This attention to detail enhances your brand perception and encourages brand loyalty.

4. Charitable Events: Distributing printed bags at charity events or fundraisers creates awareness for the cause while promoting your brand. It’s a win-win situation that combines philanthropy and brand visibility.

Customization Options: Tailoring to Your Branding Objectives

To ensure your printed bags for travelling align with your branding goals, customization is key. Consider these popular techniques:

1. Screen Printing: This method involves applying ink through a stencil, resulting in a vibrant and long-lasting imprint. It’s an excellent choice for simple logos or designs.

2. Embroidery: Embroidered logos or designs offer a classy and sophisticated look, ideal for high-end brands or corporate gifts. The raised texture adds a tactile element to the bag’s appearance.

3. Heat Transfer: Heat transfer allows for intricate and detailed designs, providing a visually striking result. It is particularly suitable for designs with gradients or multiple colours.

4. Full-Colour Printing: Full-colour printing ensures accurate representation of colours and complex artwork, creating visually appealing bags that capture attention.

Making the Best Choice for Your Project

When selecting printed bags for travelling, consider your specific branding and marketing objectives. Understand your target audience, the bag’s intended usage, and the impression you want to create. By carefully considering the features, benefits, colours, materials, types and styles, usage, and customization options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your branding, marketing, or promotional project.


Printed bags for travelling are a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing your branding and marketing projects. Their durability, functionality, and extensive branding opportunities make them an excellent choice for businesses, corporates, bands, groups, charities, schools, and more. With their ability to increase brand exposure, target specific audiences, enhance brand reputation, and promote an eco-friendly image, these bags deliver a remarkable return on investment. At Qtable, we understand the importance of effective branding, and we are committed to helping you achieve your marketing objectives with our exceptional range of customizable printed bags for travelling. Explore our options and make the best choice to elevate your brand visibility and make a lasting impression.

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Travelling Bags FAQs

Printed bags for travelling are specially designed bags that feature unique designs, patterns, or logos printed on their surface. These bags are commonly used by travellers to carry their belongings, such as clothes, toiletries, and accessories, in a stylish and personalized manner. The printed designs on these bags can range from subtle patterns to bold and eye-catching graphics, allowing travellers to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, printed bags for travelling often offer practical features like multiple compartments, sturdy handles, and adjustable straps to ensure convenience and comfort during journeys. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-haul adventure, printed bags for travelling offer a functional and fashionable solution for transporting your essentials.
Printed bags for travelling can enhance your travel experience in several ways. Firstly, these bags allow you to showcase your personal style and make a statement while on the move. Whether you prefer vibrant colours, whimsical patterns, or sophisticated designs, there’s a printed bag for every taste. Moreover, having a distinctive bag makes it easier to identify your belongings in crowded airports or train stations, reducing the chances of mix-ups or loss. Additionally, printed bags for travelling often offer practical features like spacious compartments, zippered pockets, and sturdy construction, providing efficient organization and protection for your essentials. With the right printed bag, you can travel with confidence, knowing that your belongings are secure and your style is on point.
Yes, printed bags for travelling are designed with durability in mind to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. These bags are typically made from high-quality materials such as nylon, polyester, or canvas, which are known for their strength and resilience. The fabrics used in printed bags are often chosen for their ability to resist tears, abrasions, and water damage, ensuring that your bag can endure various travel conditions. Additionally, printed bags for travelling often feature reinforced stitching, sturdy zippers, and robust handles or straps to enhance their longevity. It’s important to note that the specific durability of a printed bag may vary depending on its construction and the care it receives. However, with proper use and maintenance, a well-made printed bag can accompany you on numerous journeys, making it a reliable travel companion.
Yes, many printed bags for travelling are designed to meet the size and weight restrictions imposed by airlines for carry-on luggage. However, it’s important to check the specific requirements of the airline you are traveling with, as regulations may vary. Most printed bags for travelling are designed to fit within the dimensions specified by airlines, allowing you to keep your bag with you in the cabin rather than checking it in. These bags often feature convenient features like telescopic handles and wheels, making them easy to manoeuvre through airports and other travel hubs. Additionally, printed bags for travelling usually offer ample storage space to accommodate your travel essentials while remaining compact enough to meet carry-on size limits. Traveling with a printed bag as carry-on luggage provides the dual advantage of convenience and style.
When choosing a printed bag for travelling, several factors should be considered to ensure it meets your specific needs. Firstly, consider the size of the bag and its capacity to accommodate your belongings. If you’re a light packer or planning a short trip, a smaller bag may suffice, while longer journeys or those requiring more items may necessitate a larger bag. Secondly, assess the bag’s organizational features, such as compartments, pockets, and dividers, to ensure it can efficiently store and protect your belongings. Additionally, consider the bag’s construction and materials to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear. Lastly, evaluate the design and print of the bag, selecting one that reflects your personal style and preferences. By considering these factors, you can choose a printed bag that not only looks great but also meets your practical travel requirements.