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Corkscrew Services

Corkscrew Production/Manufacturing

Qtable is involved in the production of customized corkscrews as well as sourcing a range of corkscrew augers and corkscrew worms, complete corkscrews and promotional corkscrews that can be branded both in the UK and overseas. They can be machined with various fittings including stubs, threads, slots, pins etc. depending on the application.

You can also buy one or more of our make your own corkscrew kits from this site.

A range of promotional corkscrews and examples of our novelty wholesale corkscrews can be found on the site, however please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Our UK corkscrew manufacturing operation provides a custom service for the design and manufacture of both standard and special helix (coiled like flutes) augers and worms.

From wire to auger/helix worm type screws of which our most famous is the “Eezee” auger or screw which causes no cork breakage due to limited cork displacement, as a result of the compact helix which achieves good spread with limited material into the cork along with a shorter screw length as shown in the picture below.

Corkscrew Augers

This style of the screw has been manufactured and fitted to products such as the “Lazyfish” corkscrew and used in other similar applications. We can also supply planed augers.

Corkscrew augers

Corkscrew Wire Worms & Spirals

Corkscrew wire worms

Finishes for spirals/worms include chrome/silver, black and gold plating with additional standard colours such as red and blue available on request.

The UK corkscrew manufacturing operation is ideal for low to medium high-quality production runs of our specialized helix. For larger volumes, we would look to use our overseas corkscrew manufacturing operations which are both ethical and meet very high volume production quality standards. Also known as spirals.

Corkscrew Repairs & Refurbishment

We also offer a repair and refurbishments service for antique, collectable and high-value corkscrews.  Please contact Qtable for more details.

Supplies For Making Corkscrews

Corkscrew Blank QTB

From: £3.03 ex. VAT

Corkscrew Attachment Pack QTB

From: £1.28 ex. VAT