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Product Decoration Facilities

This page provides more detail about the factories around the world where the products we supply are stocked and decorated using the highest quality techniques.


FAC2 – Specialises in non-garment customisation.

FAC3 – Specialises in garment customisation.

WTB1 – Based in London this facility (and its sister site) house some of the most cutting-edge printing technologies in the country.

WTB2 – Based in Sunderland and sister site to WTB1.


PFC1 – Based in Poland, this facility comprises of  20,000m2 of stock and cutting edge decoration equipment manned by highly experienced staff.

MOB1 – This warehouse and production facility is also based in Poland and has a combined capacity of almost 30,000m2, making it the most prominent and productive operation in Europe.  Its semi-automated printing facility is manned with over 800 staff producing in excess of 5.6 million prints per month and leveraging over 17 different printing techniques and can respond to an immediate upscale in production allowing for 24 hour print services to be delivered.

World Wide

More details about our facilities in China, India and the USA to come.