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Silver Wire Worm DIY Corkscrew Kit
Silver Auger DIY Corkscrew Kit
Black Wire Worm DIY Corkscrew Kit
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DIY Corkscrew Kit QTB

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This professional DIY Corkscrew kit is available with an auger (fluted screw) as well as a worm (wire spiral).  Just combine it with the appropriate attachment pack for the material(s) you are working with.

Unlike inferior products that have fine threads and narrow shanks for fitting to other materials which either detach from the handle or break.  This kit provides the most robust and professional attachment on the market.

Woodturning Corkscrew Kit

By combining the Corkscrew Auger or Wireworm Blanks with the Attachment Pack for wood materials you have yourself a kit that will transform your woodworking project into a high-end custom-made corkscrew that will be admired and even envied by fellow craftspeople and wine buffs.

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