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  • Corkscrew Blank

Corkscrew Blank QTB


This corkscrew is typically used as part of our DIY Corkscrew kit and comes in various finishes, forms and fittings. The auger (fluted screw) is very popular and we also have the worm (wire spiral).  It comes with an M6 threaded hole in the top and other corkscrew attachments are available depending on the material you are looking to fit the corkscrew to when you are making it.

Silver Corkscrew

The Silver corkscrew finish is Nickel Plate and is lovely and shiny.

Black Corkscrew

The Black corkscrew can be Plated, Enamelled or Teflon coated which again leaves a nice finish.Both versions are food safe and will aid the penetration of the cork.
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