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Corkscrew Blank QTB

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Corkscrew KitPlease select the SCREW - Finish & Form + SHANK - Style & Fitting
CS Overall Finish BLACK: Currently unavailable for small online purchases.

Quick Description

This corkscrew blank is part of our DIY Corkscrew Kit.   You can purchase this corkscrew part by itself, or if you want to fit the corkscrew to something like a wooden, plastic or metal handle then please add the Attachment Pack and refer to the GUIDES in the DETAILS section as well as this VIDEO for more information and guidance on creating your corkscrew KIT.

We recommend purchasing small quantities through the online shop.  For larger quantities or more complex variations please contact us to discuss the details of your project.

More About This Product

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Also known as corkscrew blanks or a corkscrew shank.

The metallic corkscrew helix is typically used as part of our DIY Corkscrew kit and comes in various finishes, forms and fittings. The auger (fluted screw) is very popular and we also have the worm (wire spiral).  In kit form it is supplied with an M6 threaded hole in the top to add various corkscrew attachments depending on the material you are looking to fit the corkscrew to when you are making it.

Find out more about our branded wine openers and other corkscrew services.

Silver Corkscrew

The Silver corkscrew finish is Nickel Plate which leaves a lovely shiny surface and creates the perception of a higher value material like silver.

Black Corkscrew

The Black corkscrew adds some mystique and can be Plated, Enamelled or Teflon coated which again leaves a nice finish.  Currently these are quoted and supplied on a per project basis due to the additional processes involved, however we are working towards make them available to purchase online in lower volumes.

Currently the black coated corkscrews are only available by request, however the shop does allow you to purchase silver augers or wireworms with either a threaded end for the attachment pack OR a plain shank if you prefer to use your own method of fitting.

Both versions are food safe and will aid the penetration of the cork.

There are the 5 basic steps to follow when making your corkscrew:

  1. Decide what you are going to make your handle from.
  2. Purchase your corkscrew kit with the correct fitting for the handle material as described in “How Do I Build The Correct Corkscrew Kit”.
  3. Prepare your handle and drill a hole suitable for the attachment (slightly narrower diameter).
  4. Press or screw the attachment into the hole (depending on material).
  5. Screw the grub screw into the attachment and add some thread lock.
  6. Screw the corkscrew blank onto grub screw and add some thread lock.

Finally, enjoy showing off and use your corkscrew!

Follow these 5 simple steps to build a corkscrew kit for your project:

  1. First decide on the type of corkscrew you want for your project, which is typically an auger or worm style such as these.
  2. Navigate to the corkscrew blanks page (you are here).  When the page first load it selects the following standard attributes:
    1. SILVER
    2. AUGER
  3. If this is unacceptable for your product please select the appropriate attributes.
  4. Finally select or enter the exact qty you require and then Add To Cart.
  5. Then decide on the material you would like to make your handle from – wood, metal or plastic are common and add the correct fittings., don’t worry if you are unsure yet.
  6. Navigate to the corkscrew attachment pack .  When the page first load it selects the following standard attributes:
    1. WOOD
    2. 1 x M6 GRUB SCREW
  7. If this is unacceptable for your product please select the specific material required (use ALL if you are testing or unsure) along with the fitting screw to complete the kit.
  8. Finally enter the exact qty you require and then Add To Cart.
  9. Then check out and pay for your items online using PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer.
  10. Once your kit arrives just follow the guide “How Do I Make A Corkscrew” to create your wine opener of choice either for personal use or business resale.

Alternatively, watch the video in the “Video” tab of the main corkscrew kit.

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Please ensure you have selected the variation options you require above (material, colour, size, add-ons etc.) in order to display pricing (if available).  Then select the required quantity to Add To Basket/Cart.

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