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DIY Corkscrew Kit QTB

£0.92£2.94 ex. VAT

This professional DIY Corkscrew kit is available with an auger (fluted screw) as well as a worm (wire spiral).  Just combine it with the appropriate attachment pack for the material(s) you are working with.

Unlike inferior products that have fine threads and narrow shanks for fitting to other materials which either detach from the handle or break.  This kit provides the most robust and professional attachment on the market.

Woodturning Corkscrew Kit

By combining the Corkscrew Auger or Wireworm Blanks with the Attachment Pack for wood materials you have yourself a kit that will transform your woodworking project into a high-end custom-made corkscrew that will be admired and even envied by fellow craftspeople and wine buffs.

Custom Made Corkscrew

Whatever the materials you are making your corkscrews from, be it metal, wood or plastic you will be able to fashion a high quality cork extractor as a gift or for resale as many of our customers are now doing.

Follow these 5 simple steps to build a corkscrew kit for your project:

  1. First decide on the type of corkscrew you want for your project, which is typically an auger or worm style such as these.
  2. Navigate to the corkscrew blanks page and add the style and qty you require to your shopping cart.
  3. Then decide on the material you would like to make your handle from – wood, metal or plastic are common and add the correct fittings for the number of handles you are making to your shopping cart.
  4. Then check out and pay for your items online using PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer.
  5. Once your kit arrives just follow the guide “How Do I Make A Corkscrew” to create your wine opener of choice either for personal use or business resale.

There are the 5 basic steps to follow when making your corkscrew:

  1. Decide what you are going to make your handle from.
  2. Purchase your corkscrew kit with the correct fitting for the handle material as described in “How Do I Build The Correct Corkscrew Kit”.
  3. Prepare your handle and drill a hole suitable for the attachment.
  4. Fit the attachment and screw in the joining grub screw.
  5. Screw the corkscrew you have chosen onto the grub screw.

Finally, enjoy showing off and use your corkscrew!

Please ensure you have selected the variation options you require above (material, colour, size, add-ons etc.) in order to display pricing (if available).  Then select the required quantity to Add To Basket/Cart.


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