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Promotional Tea Bags Selection Launch 2013

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Tea is still the most consumed beverage in the world!  So it kind of makes sense that here in the UK you should be able to promote your brand using the nations favourite cuppa right ? Absolutely, we hear you and we’d like to present our quality promotial tea bags selection designed for this purpose.

Sourced from the best tea gardens located on the high hills of Sri Lanka these tea product are healthy, delicious, durable, honest and pure. You can order these starting from just 1,000 pieces including printing your full colour design or advertising message. The pouch includes one pyramid tea bag containing first class, ethically sourced tea in a choice of four refreshing flavours: Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Green Tea or Forest Fruit.

This product has many applications but is especially useful as an inexpensive giveaway for exhibitions, conferences, events and functions, product launches or as a delicious goodwill gesture to valued customers.

Promotional tea bags


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