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Our Drive To Make A Difference

A Purpose Beyond Profit

As part of our 3P sustainability charter we wanted to ensure that Qtable has a positive impact on the world, not just through the products and services we provide to business, also the consequential impact we have on the people and world around us as a result of the work we do.

This is a work in progress and continually evolving.  It’s our intention to provide support in the following way as we grow this business.

Making Life Better For People

We’re not just building a better company and supporting systems to make the lives of our customers better.  We’re also building a place where people love coming to work and can get the support they need to live their lives better.  It’s not easy though and by itself its not enough.

There are many people who are struggling with life and may be homeless or dealing with mental health issues such as the ones listed here:

Furthermore, there are many more people who are prevented or restricted from working because of their differences and we want to create a more inclusive work place that embraces those unique characteristics and the insights and flexibility they can bring.

Reducing The Impact On The Planet

  • How products are made and branded
  • The way their distributred
  • Their longevity

We’re not perfect …. and we hope this will remain something to guide us as we try to become better with each step.