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This shopping & tote bag product categorisation page is the last sub grouping of products designed to help you find plain bulk shopping & tote bags where your logo can be decorated on, as well as customised tote bags from established manufacturers that allow your logo to also make an appearance. All our customised tote bags are brandable and the majority of items can be customised to meet your individual branding colours. This list does not show all of our products, so if you don’t see the specific shopping & tote bag you require then please contact our team so they can perform a comprehensive search of our product sources. If our standard products don’t meet your specification and your budget supports it, we can also custom source customised tote bags to meet your specific requirements. Remember, if we don’t have it we’ll find it and if we can’t find it we’ll make it!
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Zeus Large Non-Woven Convention Tote Bag 6L PFC

Zeus Large Non-Woven Convention Tote Bag 6L PFC

From: £0.41 ex. VAT

Set Of 3 Recycled Polyester Grocery Bags PFC

From: £4.76 ex. VAT
Salvador Shiny Tote Bag 7L PFC

Salvador Shiny Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £1.82 £0.55 ex. VAT -70%
Sai RPET Tote Bag 7L PFC

Sai RPET Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £1.30 ex. VAT
Sabia RPET Foldable Tote Bag 7L PFC

Sabia RPET Foldable Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £1.67 ex. VAT
Rio Gradient Tote Bag 7L PFC

Rio Gradient Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £1.37 £0.55 ex. VAT -74%

Recycled Polyester Grocery Bag 30X41 cm PFC

From: £2.18 ex. VAT

Recycled Polyester Grocery Bag 25X32 cm PFC

From: £1.61 ex. VAT
Pune 100 g/m² GOTS Organic Mesh Cotton Tote Bag 6L PFC

Pune 100 g/m² GOTS Organic Mesh Cotton Tote Bag 6L PFC

From: £4.45 £1.69 ex. VAT -67%
Pheebs 210 g/m² Recycled Tote Bag 7L PFC

Pheebs 210 g/m² Recycled Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £3.60 £1.57 ex. VAT -56%
Pheebs 150 g/m² Recycled Tote Bag 7L PFC

Pheebs 150 g/m² Recycled Tote Bag 7L PFC

From: £1.39 ex. VAT

The Ultimate Guide to Customised Tote Bags


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on customised tote bags, the go-to resource for understanding the features, advantages, benefits, colours, materials, types and styles, usage or application, types of customers, and decoration and customisation options associated with these versatile promotional products. Here at Vistaprint UK, we pride ourselves on offering valuable insights to businesses, corporates, bands, groups, charities, schools, and any other users seeking effective marketing and promotional materials.

Why Customised Tote Bags?

In today’s competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for success. Customised tote bags provide a practical and cost-effective solution to promote your brand, products, or services. These bags offer numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for various marketing and promotional initiatives.

Advantages and Benefits

Versatility and Functionality

Customised tote bags are renowned for their versatility and functionality. They are spacious, sturdy, and can accommodate a wide range of items, making them perfect for everyday use. Whether you need a bag for grocery shopping, carrying books, or commuting to work, a customised tote bag serves as a practical and stylish companion.

Brand Exposure

One of the main advantages of customised tote bags is their ability to generate significant brand exposure. By incorporating your company logo, slogan, or artwork onto the bag’s surface, you create a walking advertisement for your brand. As you and others carry these bags in public spaces, your logo becomes visible to a wider audience, increasing brand recognition and recall.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to traditional advertising methods, customised tote bags offer a cost-effective marketing strategy. They provide long-term brand exposure at a fraction of the cost of billboards, television commercials, or print advertisements. Additionally, tote bags have a high reusability factor, ensuring prolonged visibility for your brand message.

Eco-Friendly Choice

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, customised tote bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. By promoting the use of reusable bags, your business showcases its commitment to sustainability and resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers. Customised tote bags are often made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or recycled fabrics, further enhancing their appeal.

Materials and Styles

Customised tote bags are available in a wide array of materials and styles to suit diverse preferences and purposes. Here are some popular options to consider:

Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags are a classic choice known for their durability and natural appeal. They are available in various weights and textures, offering a canvas for vibrant customisation. Cotton tote bags are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to carry, making them suitable for everyday use.

Jute and Burlap Bags

Jute and burlap bags exude a rustic charm and have gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature. These bags are often chosen for their natural, textured appearance and robust construction. Jute and burlap tote bags are ideal for eco-conscious brands or those seeking a unique, earthy aesthetic.

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

Non-woven polypropylene bags are durable, water-resistant, and budget-friendly. These bags are commonly used for grocery shopping, conferences, or trade shows. With their sleek surface, they provide excellent printing capabilities for bold and vibrant designs.

Personalisation Options

To enhance the impact of your customised tote bags, various personalisation options are available:

  • Screen Printing: This method involves transferring ink onto the bag’s surface through a mesh screen. It offers excellent colour reproduction and is suitable for intricate designs.
  • Embroidery: Embroidery adds a touch of elegance and durability to tote bags. It involves stitching

your design directly onto the fabric, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality finish.

  • Heat Transfer: Heat transfer involves applying a design onto the bag using heat and pressure. This method allows for full-colour printing and is ideal for detailed artwork or photographic designs.
  • Laminated Printing: Laminated printing provides a glossy finish and extra protection to your customised tote bags. It is resistant to moisture and extends the longevity of the design.

Choosing the Right Customised Tote Bag

Selecting the perfect customised tote bag for your branding, marketing, or promotional project requires careful consideration. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Purpose and Target Audience

Consider the purpose and target audience of your marketing campaign. Are you targeting eco-conscious consumers or business professionals? Understanding your audience’s preferences and needs will help you choose the most appropriate bag style, material, and design.

Quality and Durability

Ensure that the tote bags you select are of high quality and built to last. A durable bag will be used repeatedly, maximizing your brand exposure and providing a positive brand experience to recipients.

Design and Customisation

Pay attention to the design elements and customisation options available. Your tote bag’s design should align with your brand identity and convey your message effectively. Choose colours, fonts, and artwork that resonate with your target audience.

Quantity and Budget

Consider the quantity of tote bags required for your campaign and set a budget accordingly. Ordering in bulk often results in cost savings, making it an ideal option for larger marketing initiatives.


Customised tote bags offer a powerful and versatile marketing tool for businesses, corporates, bands, groups, charities, schools, and various other entities. By leveraging their features, advantages, and benefits, you can enhance brand exposure, foster customer loyalty, and contribute to a sustainable future. Remember to consider materials, styles, personalisation options, and the preferences of your target audience when selecting the perfect customised tote bags for your next promotional project.

So why wait? Customised tote bags are the perfect choice for boosting your brand visibility while demonstrating your commitment to the environment. Browse our selection today and make a lasting impression with your promotional efforts.

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Shoppers & Tote Bags FAQs

Customised tote bags are versatile, reusable bags that can be personalized with designs, logos, or text of your choice. They provide a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags for shopping, carrying essentials, or promotional purposes. Customisation options include selecting the bag material, size, colour, and imprint method such as screen printing or embroidery. These bags are made from durable materials like cotton, canvas, or jute, ensuring longevity and sustainability. By adding a personal touch to your tote bag, you can showcase your individuality or promote your brand effectively. Whether you need customised tote bags for personal use or as a marketing tool, they offer functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a chance to make a statement. Get creative and express your unique style or brand identity with customised tote bags.
Ordering personalised tote bags is a straightforward process. Start by choosing a reliable supplier that offers customisation services. Browse their website and explore their range of tote bags, considering factors such as material, size, and colour. Once you have selected a bag that suits your needs, proceed to the customisation section. Here, you can upload your desired design, logo, or text. Some suppliers provide design templates or online tools to help you create your unique artwork. After finalizing the design, review the order details, including quantity and delivery options. Make sure to double-check the design preview to ensure it matches your expectations. Lastly, proceed to the payment and provide the necessary shipping information. Upon completion, your personalised tote bags will be produced and delivered to your specified address. Enjoy your customised tote bags and showcase your style or brand with pride.
Personalised tote bags are available in various materials, each offering distinct features and benefits. Commonly used materials include cotton, canvas, and jute. Cotton tote bags are lightweight, soft, and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for everyday use. Canvas tote bags are known for their durability and sturdiness, suitable for carrying heavier items. They often have reinforced handles and a structured shape. Jute tote bags are eco-friendly and have a rustic appeal, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Other materials such as polyester or non-woven fabrics are also used, offering their unique properties like water resistance or affordability. When choosing a material for your personalised tote bag, consider factors like intended use, durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact. Select the material that aligns with your preferences and values to create a customised tote bag that suits your needs.
Absolutely! Personalised tote bags make fantastic promotional items. They offer a practical and reusable solution that helps promote your brand or message effectively. By customising the bags with your logo, slogan, or artwork, you create a walking advertisement whenever the bags are used in public. Distributing personalised tote bags at events, trade shows, or as customer appreciation gifts can significantly increase brand visibility and recognition. People appreciate receiving useful and environmentally friendly items, which enhances their perception of your brand. Additionally, customised tote bags offer a large printing area, allowing for clear and eye-catching designs that can leave a lasting impression on potential customers. When selecting personalised tote bags for promotional purposes, consider factors such as bag quality, design visibility, and the alignment of the bag style with your brand image. Maximize the impact of your promotional campaign with customised tote bags.
Personalised tote bags contribute to sustainability in multiple ways. First, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, reducing plastic waste and its harmful impact on the environment. By opting for reusable tote bags, you help decrease the demand for plastic bags, which often end up in landfills or oceans. Second, many personalised tote bags are made from natural and biodegradable materials like cotton or jute, further reducing their environmental footprint. These materials are renewable resources that require less energy and water to produce compared to synthetic alternatives. Third, by using personalised tote bags, you encourage others to adopt sustainable practices, promoting a culture of reusability and mindful consumption. Finally, personalised tote bags are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Their versatility and functionality make them suitable for various activities, from grocery shopping to carrying books or gym essentials. Embrace sustainability by incorporating personalised tote bags into your daily routine or brand strategy.