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An Eaton's shopping bag, circa 1997.
An Eaton’s shopping bag, circa 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of visitors to this site ask many questions about our printed bags and promotional bags so here are some of the questions we hear most often compiled for your below;

Do you provide wholesale promotional bags ?

Our core business is supplying in volume any of the products we source or manufacture and as such our pricing is wholesale.

Are they cheap promotional bags ?

Well that depends on what you mean. Cost effective yes, becuase you are buying close to the manufacturing source. Cheap ? well that depends on how you define cheap. A lot of cheap bags will fall apart very quickly and may not give you the return you are looking or address the social concerns you may have with your bag investment.

Can you supply low to no minimum promotional bags ?

There is no black and white answer here because making or printing anything requires equipment and people. Each job requires a certain amount of work to setup up the machine and prepare artwork for reproduction specifically for each and every job. This is a fixed cost which is the same, no matter the volume you purchase, so the more you buy the lower the price becomes. Because of this, if you want a very small volume, depending on the bag it may make economic sence, although we can supply it.

Will you deliver my promotional bags with logos ?

Only if you ask us too! Yes, that is what we do best. Personalising details of the bag to your individual requirements. With some bags we can customise more than just the print. For example we could match the trim colour of the bag or handles colour to the colours in your Logo. Cool huh!

Would I be able to get a custom promotional bag ?

Ok, thats fine. As well as putting your logo or branding onto bags we also design and make bags to order. Once we have a good idea of what you are trying to achieve and any constraints such as material, budgets, time scales, colours etc. we can set about generating a delivered price for your dream bag.

What materials can these bags be made from ?

Well all sorts really and each has its pros and cons.

For speed and flexibility we would recommend plastic (such as polythene), paper and fabrics like cotton. Plastics and paper are the most cost effective. Plastic is the least environmentally friendly.

Other materials for more robust and waterproot application may include nylon and polyester.

What other bags can you provide ?

Take a look at the navigation menu on the left hand side and you’ll see just how many types of bags we can supply as well as custom bags for special projects. These are just examples so there are many more. Here are a few of our customers favourites:

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