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Greedy Fish Bottle Stopper QTB

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Glug, glug, glug … that was the sound being made as we wrote this ūüôā wine glorious wine and it reminded us of our wine hogging friend the greedy fish who’s both is soooo big it fits over the neck of a wine bottle. That concerned so much, we put a cork in it. Ha!

This strange stopper is designed and made in the UK and has a few admirers. It was given life at the hands of creative folks who designed and then fashioned it out of solid pewter, gave it a natural cork stopper and then with a swift stroke of the hand it was painted. This is the sort of gift for someone a little quirky, who’s into water-based things and probably fish, they’ll love the effort you went to find this oddity novelty stopper instead of forking out for that factory mass produced stuff.

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