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Lots more branded gift ideas can be found in these catalogues which can be downloaded and circulated amongst your team. 

Digital Catalogue 1 - More than Gifts

Themes covered in this full catalogue include Personal, Winter, Lifestyle, Business & Daily Living.


Digital Catalogue 2 - Home Office

These gifts would be great for anyone continuing to work from home.


Digital Catalogue 3 - Back To Work

Includes gifts that would be useful when returning to work in the new year, after the Christmas period has ended.


Digital Catalogue 4 - Audio

These gifts are great for people who focus on digital devices like computers and mobile phone and play audio (music or read) in the background whilst at home or in the office.


Digital Catalogue 5 - Computer Accessories

Whether its in the office, at home or on the move, these computer gifts make ideal thankyou’s for those digital warriors.


Digital Catalogue 6 - Bags

You can’t go wrong with the ultimate accessory, the bag.  We’d all be lost without them so this could be the ideal company secret Santa present.


Digital Catalogue 7 - Drinkware

It’s important to stay hydrated with cold or hot liquids so make sure it gets done in style with these gifts.


Digital Catalogue 8 - Lunch Boxes

Food glorious food! These handy little boxes ensure people are taking healthy and cost effective lunches with them wherever they go.

Digital Catalogue 9 - Stationery

Nothing beats pen and paper for getting those to do lists and sketches done in super quick time.

Digital Catalogue 10 - Pens

The pen is still mightier than the sword and more compact than the keyboard so it still makes a great gift.


Digital Catalogue 11 - Hampers & Gift Boxes

Yum yum, its Christmas for the tum.  Food and drink that will tickle the taste buds and put smiles on faces.

Christmas hampers and gift boxes

Any of these ideas would be a great way of saying thankyou or even as congratulations gifts for a job well done!