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This messenger & shoulder bag product categorisation page is the last sub grouping of products designed to help you find plain bulk messenger & shoulder bags where your logo can be decorated on, as well as branded shoulder bags from established manufacturers that allow your logo to also make an appearance. All our branded shoulder bags are brandable and the majority of items can be customised to meet your individual branding colours. This list does not show all of our products, so if you don’t see the specific messenger & shoulder bag you require then please contact our team so they can perform a comprehensive search of our product sources. If our standard products don’t meet your specification and your budget supports it, we can also custom source branded shoulder bags to meet your specific requirements. Remember, if we don’t have it we’ll find it and if we can’t find it we’ll make it!
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Mission Messenger Bag 8L PFC

Mission Messenger Bag 8L PFC

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Branded Shoulder Bags: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Discover Qtable's Range of Branded Shoulder Bags for Your Promotional Needs

At Qtable, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of branded shoulder bags that combine style, versatility, and practicality. Our shoulder bags are designed to meet the demands of modern professionals, providing a fashionable and functional solution for carrying essentials while showcasing your brand with every use.

Unleash Your Style with Branded Shoulder Bags

1. Stylish Design for Everyday Use

Our branded shoulder bags feature a sleek and sophisticated design that effortlessly complements any outfit. Whether it's for business meetings, daily commutes, or travel adventures, our bags are tailored to elevate your style while offering the convenience of easy access to your belongings. With their modern and trendy appearance, our shoulder bags are sure to leave a lasting impression.

2. Convenient Compartments for Organization

We understand the importance of staying organized in a fast-paced world. That's why our shoulder bags are equipped with multiple compartments and pockets to keep your essentials neatly arranged. From dedicated laptop sleeves to zippered compartments for documents, pens, and accessories, our bags provide the perfect balance between functionality and style.

3. Comfortable and Adjustable Straps

The comfort of our customers is a top priority. Our branded shoulder bags are designed with adjustable straps that ensure a comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes. The straps are crafted from high-quality materials to provide durability and ease of use. Whether you wear the bag over your shoulder or across your body, you'll experience optimal comfort throughout the day.

Advantages of Branded Shoulder Bags

Investing in branded shoulder bags from Qtable offers a multitude of advantages for your brand and your recipients. Let's explore some of the key benefits:

1. Increased Brand Exposure

By distributing branded shoulder bags, you create a walking advertisement for your brand. Whenever your recipients carry the bag, whether it's on their daily commute, at networking events, or during business trips, your logo and message are prominently displayed, increasing brand exposure and recognition. This heightened visibility helps to attract potential customers and strengthens brand loyalty among existing ones.

2. Practical and Versatile Promotional Item

Branded shoulder bags are highly practical and versatile promotional items that provide genuine value to your recipients. With their spacious interiors and thoughtful organizational features, these bags can accommodate laptops, documents, notebooks, and other essentials required in professional settings. They serve as a constant reminder of your brand's commitment to functionality and convenience.

3. Professional Image and Perception

The use of branded shoulder bags adds a touch of professionalism to your recipients' appearance, helping them create a positive impression in business and professional settings. As they carry your bag, they exude confidence and a sense of belonging to a community that appreciates quality and attention to detail. This enhances their personal brand and reflects positively on your brand as well.

4. Long-lasting Brand Exposure

One of the significant advantages of branded shoulder bags is their longevity. Unlike disposable promotional items, shoulder bags are durable and designed for everyday use. This ensures that your branding message remains visible for an extended period, maximizing your brand exposure and making a lasting impact on your audience.

Choosing the Perfect Branded Shoulder Bag

Selecting the right branded shoulder bag for your branding project requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to help you make an informed decision:

1. Material Selection

Evaluate the material options available for shoulder bags and consider their durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact. Choose materials that align with your brand values and cater to the preferences of your target audience. Popular choices include high-quality nylon, polyester, or eco-friendly options like recycled materials.

2. Customization and Branding

At Qtable, we offer various customization options to ensure your branded shoulder bags perfectly reflect your brand identity. Explore techniques such as embroidery, screen printing, or debossing to add your logo, slogan, or artwork. Consider the placement and size of the branding elements to ensure optimal visibility and impact.

3. Colour Selection

Colour plays a crucial role in brand recognition and visual appeal. Select colours that align with your brand guidelines and evoke the desired emotions and associations. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold and vibrant shades, or sophisticated tones, choose colours that resonate with your target audience and enhance the overall aesthetics of the bag.

4. Practical Features and Functionality

Consider the practical features and functionality of the branded shoulder bags. Assess factors such as size, number of compartments, padding for electronic devices, security features, and additional storage options. Think about the specific needs and preferences of your recipients to ensure the bag fulfils their requirements.


Qtable's range of branded shoulder bags offers the perfect blend of style, functionality, and brand promotion. With their stylish designs, convenient compartments, and comfortable straps, these bags are ideal for professionals on the go. By investing in branded shoulder bags, you unlock the potential for increased brand exposure, a professional image, and long-lasting brand impact.

Choose Qtable as your trusted partner for high-quality branded shoulder bags that make a statement. Contact us today to explore our customization options and elevate your branding efforts to new heights.

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Messenger & Shoulder Bags FAQs

Branded messenger bags offer several benefits. Firstly, they provide functionality and convenience. These bags are designed with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing users to organize and carry their everyday essentials efficiently. They typically feature a spacious main compartment, along with additional pockets for items like smartphones, notebooks, pens, and water bottles. Secondly, using branded messenger bags can help promote your brand. By customizing the design with your own logo or artwork, you can create a walking advertisement that increases brand visibility. Whenever the bag is carried, your brand message is exposed to a wide audience, potentially generating brand recognition and attracting new customers.
Yes, you can customize the design of branded messenger bags with your own logo or artwork. Many suppliers offer customization services, allowing you to imprint your logo, slogan, or desired artwork on the bag. This customization option enables you to create a unique design that represents your brand identity and reinforces your brand message. By incorporating your own design elements, you can make the bag stand out and effectively promote your brand.
Branded messenger bags are commonly made from durable materials such as polyester, nylon, or canvas. Polyester and nylon are popular choices due to their durability, water resistance, and lightweight nature. Canvas offers a more classic and rugged look. Each material has its own advantages, so it’s important to consider factors like durability, desired style, and intended use when choosing the material for your branded messenger bag.
Yes, branded messenger bags typically offer sufficient storage space for everyday essentials. They are designed with practicality in mind, providing ample room for items such as laptops, tablets, notebooks, files, and personal belongings. The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate these essentials, while the additional pockets and compartments help keep items organized and easily accessible. Whether for work, school, or travel, branded messenger bags offer the necessary storage capacity to meet daily needs.
Branded messenger bags are suitable for both men and women. They are designed with versatile and gender-neutral styles that cater to a wide audience. The designs often feature clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, and neutral colours, making them suitable for various preferences and outfits. The adjustable straps and versatile functionality of messenger bags make them a practical choice for anyone seeking a stylish and functional bag.